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SharePoint Error: apps are turned off

Solved by these commands

2022/06/17 0

Convert 64 bits binary string to BigInteger and maintain the sign

The first and third method converted successfully with sign. The second one fail. The reason 3rd way working is : It convert to biginteger and convert to long (then we have sign),then convert back to biginteger (also with sign)

2022/05/08 0

Resolved ICESugar pro blink.v :

ERROR: Module rst_gen contains processes, which are not supported by JSON backend (run `proc` first). Edit Makefile $(TARGET).json: $(OBJS) # yosys -p “synth_ecp5 -json $@” $(OBJS) yosys -p “read_verilog -sv $<” -p “synth_ecp5 -json $@” $(OBJS)

2022/03/27 0

正点原子Mini STM32F103RCT6在STM32CubeMX中玩UART

正點原子的教程是在Keil, 如果要在STM32CubeMX裏玩UART可跟以下步驟 Step 1. Step 2. Comment the whole file Step 3. Add these 3 files from the CD Step 4. Modify usart.c , default example override fputc never works, we have to overrid _write Step 5. Add this

2022/03/25 0

Python read/write jtag via FTDI chip Read PWM Pins reference :

2022/03/03 0

Arduino Uno programme ATTiny85 works


2022/02/20 0

MRK Wifi 1010 serial is different

MRK Wifi 1010 serial is different than Nano and Uno, the usb in serial and in D13/14 are separate, so code them this way

2022/02/20 0

start point to build our own jtag for our risc-v cpu

After days of hacking, i finally found out there is a dummy driver in openocd. just ./configure –enable-dummy and run it by ./bin/openocd -c ‘interface dummy’ -c ‘adapter_khz 1’ , you can see the dummy driver is running and in the function “static int dummy_write(int tck, int tms, int tdi)”, we can manually toggle the…
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2022/02/13 0

Compile libsigrok and pulseview in windows by msys2

This is the tutorial to build libsigrok and pulseview in windows Download msys Open “MSYS2 MinGW x64”, don’t use “MSYS2 MSYS” 3. git clone 4. cd sigrok-utils/cross-compile/msys2 5. ./sigrok-native-msys2 prepare , it will auto install all necessary packages Compile libsigrok 6. git clone 7. cd libsigrok 8. ./ 9. vi configure and…
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2022/02/06 0

Using FlatArcOrangeIJTheme gives me a new fresh look of NetBeans

I am not sure I add this L&F right, but it just works. Below are the steps Download flatlaf-intellij-themes-2.0-rc1.jar and flatlaf-2.0-rc1.jar from . If you has any project used it by maven, just copy it from your .m2 folder Put those jars in C:\Program Files\NetBeans-12.5\netbeans\platform\lib Edit netbeans.conf , add below to netbeans_default_options Below is…
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2022/01/08 0

Openlane init files

If run fail, have to remove the “runs” folder before rerun, otherwise same error will be shown my_design.v config.tcl

2021/12/31 0

Arithmetic Circuits & Multipliers

2021/12/12 0

Don’t use “skip” in antlr grammar for netbeans syntax highlight

use “channel (HIDDEN)” instead of “skip”, otherwise the netbeans will throw exception.

2021/11/16 0

validate() in TableCellRenderer affect performance in windows

validate() in TableCellRenderer affect performance in windows, just read the source code of DefaultTableCellRenderer, just override it with empty function body will increase huge performance. Only windows affect this, mac and linux wont.

2021/11/06 0


Synthesis-ed part of XV6 into Verilog

2021/10/13 0

Best post to explain php and fastcgi

2021/10/10 0

Good web to learn RISC-V interrupt—-PLIC-%E4%BB%8B%E7%B4%B9—-%E4%B8%AD%E6%96%B7%E7%AF%87

2021/08/29 0

SharePoint Online奇怪現象

呼叫SharePoint Online Restful api時,如果ISPHttpClientOptions是空一樣能成功,但返回之時間值會錯timezone

2021/07/22 0

Create pfx file to add custom domain for Power Apps Portal

openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey privkey1.pem -in fullchain1.pem

2021/05/17 0

Nice book

2021/05/16 0

Solved: liximomo error : file not found This is apparently a brand new problem that has been introduced into the newer versions of VS Code. I have FOUND A SOLUTION that seems to work well, by modifying a single line in the extension code. This is only valid for version 1.12.9 of the liximomo.sftp extension. Here are the steps: Shutdown / Quit VS Code. Locate…
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2021/05/15 0

RISC-V Qemu memory mapping

2021/05/11 0

Very good git command tutorial examples

2021/05/09 0