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Hyper-V是Type 1的Hypervisor

Hyper-V是Type 1的Hypervisor, 當你安裝完它的時侯, 它會比所在的windows更加底層, Bootloader是會首先加載它然後由它去啓動完先的那一個windows, 所以之後…

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.net core CLR ELF analyst in Ubuntu 16.04

Analyst the ELF files build from .net core CLR in Ubuntu 16.04 by

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Manually create sharepoint configuration database

1. you have to run sharepoint shell using administrator 2. when credential dialog popup, you have to input the user name as machine_name\administrator 3. when hitting error, you must close the shell and restart it, otherwise whatever you do, last error message still happen Tips: 1. if you hit “Requested registry access is not allowed”,…
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Powershell學習之旅 – Object Type

Powershell是一種typed的語言,和其它同種的語言比,它有一個我認為比較特別的地方,就是它支援不同的Object typ。Windows世界裏幾個大的Object家族它都支持: Common…

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Misleading information from Microsoft Docs

I just deployed my outlook addin to office 365 admin center, information from the below page is misleading.  

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[solved] WordPress excerpt function can’t break chinese text vi ./wp-content/themes/one-page-express/functions.php

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發現左一個可以玩殘你嘅咪記大bug,如果你寫sharepoint兼用typescript但係又想用jquery, 你好可能會用: import * as $ from ‘jquery&#8…

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Simplest websocket with nodejs example

1. express –view=ejs myspp 2. var server = http.createServer(app); 3. Source : myapp

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插一百萬行record, Redis比H2慢太多,H2只需要七秒,redis用了40秒,為什麼用c++寫出來的redis會比用java寫出來的h2慢這麼多的? NoSQL不是比傳統database爽快…

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Solved: vscode [tslint] ‘ should be ” (quotemark)

To solve “[tslint] ‘ should be ” (quotemark)” when developing spfx webpart using visual studio code, do these: open config/tslint.json add {     “$schema”: “”,     // Display errors as warnings     “displayAsWarning”: false,     // The TSLint task may have been configured with several custom lint rules     // before this config file is read (for example lint rules…
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SPfx on-premises solution is lagging behind to SPO

極嚴重, sharepoint framework個generator仲停留緊係1.1.0俾on-premises, 而sharepoint online已經去到1.5.0, 兩個世界再次被split…

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Programming就係體驗佛教空性嘅其中一種法門, 但要用它來體驗空性, programmer必需揭而不捨地向程式嘅本質進發, 呢一種就係最為強大嘅programming法門, 與真理接軌嘅修練方…

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IT人嘅朵與Framework guideline


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Autotool太複雜,個人認為它阻礙了system programming的發展應該給斷除。AutoTool由三大組件所構成:autoconf, automake和libtool。Autoconf是…

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Remove the “Logging” menu from putty

Below are the steps to remove the “Logging” menu from putty Download windows source from putty website, don’t clone from the github because it missing Search for “Windows source archive” in Comment out line 1488 to 1543 in config.c which in the root folder (see below image) cd windows nmake -f If everything…
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Dynamics 365 crm language bug

Change the language from chinese back to english, some texts are still in chinese, no way to solve !

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I think there is a bug in Intel Manual

In the intel manual “Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer’s Manual Volume 2 (2A, 2B, 2C & 2D): Instruction Set Reference, A-Z”, section 2.1.5, table 2-1, i think it is a bug

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What is ISA (Instruction set architecture) ?

From the book Embedded Computing, it has a ISA chapter, below is the summary of “what is ISA” ISA helps compiler’s life easy. Hardware engineer often saving a few gates or some code, but that hurt the design of compiler ISA can both hide and expose key implementation details to the programmer or compiler Process…
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Building a small workflow using Microsoft Flow

I am building a small workflow using Microsoft flow to auto move the Nintex status email from my inbox to a SharePoint list. I found out some advantages of Flows than Nintex workflows. First it support a debug button to either : replay the last trigger or halt the workflow and want for you trigger.…
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Netbeans console has no color, but has color in my other Mac

Netbeans console has no color, but has color in my other Mac. Both Mac OS are same, JDK same too. Don’t know why. The code i use to print color text are:

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Is is real Buddha photo? He looks like a Chinese

I don’t think Buddha looks like a Chinese instead of an Indian 🙂

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The definition of a toolchain

This book from Shatin Library has a definition of toolchain. A toolchain should contains: Compiler Assembler Libraries Linker Post-link optimizer Run-time program loader simulator Debugger and monitor Automated Test System (Makefile ?) Profiling tools Binary Utilities

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Microsoft workflow foundation係幾勁嘅, 不過香港少人知

Microsoft workflow foundation係幾勁嘅, 不過香港少人知。成套野包哂所有你要做一個完workflow engine嘅framework。Nintex係由WF做出黎就足以證明…

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The setting to identify an SPO/Onprem project for spfx

In file .yo-rc.json, the value of “environment” is either “spo” or “onprem”, it identify your project is on-premises or sharepoint online. If you want to create extension, you have to use “spo” { “@microsoft/generator-sharepoint”: { “version”: “1.4.1”, “libraryName”: “quantr-express”, “libraryId”: “1a6a217f-6fb8-44b4-981f-35d0ebe7025b”, “environment”: “onprem” } }

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My notes on command set development for SPO

current list id : current list title : this.context.pageContext.list.title for (let row of event.selectedRows) { let itemId: number = row.getValueByName(‘ID’); Dialog.alert(`${itemId}`); } Get current user email : import * as strings from ‘SpfxCloneCommandSetStrings’; this._fieldTypesToIgnore = new Array( strings.typeCounter, strings.typeContentType, strings.typeAttachments, strings.typeModStat, strings.typeComputed ); this._fieldsToIgnore = new Array( strings.fieldModified, strings.fieldCreated, strings.fieldAuthor, strings.fieldEditor, strings.field_HasCopyDestinations, strings.field_CopySource,…
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I think i found an azure bug

I think i found an azure bug, the ftp option is disappear when i create a “NodeJS Empty web” app service.

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m8 vs m16

The reason nasm need to add the keyword “byte” in “adc byte [si], 0x12” is that in intel manual, m8 and m16 are same, so without this keyword the assembler don’t know what you want for.

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Hook a new url and new post type

It can be done by calling “register_post_type()”

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