Month: July 2017

[Solved] Pentaho kettle is unable to run in mac

Pentaho kettle is unable to run in mac if you click on “Data”, you will have this error LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810 for the file /Users/peter/Downloads/data-integration/Data run the follow command will fix it. data-integration is the unzipped folder of kettle.

xattr -dr data-integration

The above error is fixed, but double click on “Data” still nothing. Edit spoon.command, add the line in red

cd `dirname $0`# if a BASE_DIR argument has been passed to this .command, use it
if [ -n “$1” ] && [ -d “$1” ] && [ -x “$1” ]; then
echo “DEBUG: Using value ($1) from calling script”
cd “$1”

export JAVA_HOME=’/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_131.jdk/Contents/Home’

cd `dirname $0`

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Super quick guide : setup stm32 development environment

Super quick guide : setup stm32 development environment, follow these steps:

  1. Download STM32CubeL4, My STM32L476RG board is L4, so don’t download Stm32Cube, just download STM32CubeL4
  2. Download and install eclipse
  3. Install eclipse CDT
  4. (Optional) Install GNU ARM for eclipse . After install you have this, the funny thing is that this plugin has stm32 projects but STM32 workbench plugin don’t have
  5. Install GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain, this is optional because i guess step 4 already include an arm compiler, unless you want to manually run arm-none-eabi-gcc in your terminal
  6. (Must do this) Install SW4STM32, just install it as a plugin to eclipse
  7. Open eclipse
  8. File -> Import -> Existing projects into workspace , choose the from the folder from STM32CubeL4, /Users/peter/Desktop/STM32Cube_FW_L4_V1.8.0/Projects/STM32L476RG-Nucleo/Examples_LL/GPIO/GPIO_InfiniteLedToggling
  9. In eclipse, click Project -> Build project, if everything ok, you will find the bin file in Debug folder, just burn it to the board using command “st-flash write Debug/STM32L476RG_NUCLEO.bin 0x8000000”
  10. Led should be blinking now, see my video
  11. Set come breakpoints and right click the project -> debug, eclipse should able to trap the breakpoint, see below video

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[solved] netbeans api transitive module problem

If you meet this, you just forget to add the dependency to pom.xml, so in my case i just add org-netbeans-api-java-classpath then this problem gone.

Project uses classes from transitive module org.netbeans.api:org-netbeans-api-java-classpath:jar:RELEASE82 which will not be accessible at runtime.
To fix the problem, add this module as direct dependency. For OSGi bundles that are supposed to be wrapped in NetBeans modules, use the useOSGiDependencies=false parameter

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