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Quantitative trading

Quantum physics and “rules”

Quantum physicist said even the smallest things are so random and unpredictable, when the number of thing is high enough, it will come out a stable “average value”, when is “order”. So why micro economic make sense?

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Stock data filtering

I need to filter all stock/index data into different table/database engine for further analysis, because it is huge amount of records. So far I have basic monitor tool to monitor all grabbers, but i need more advance tool to monitor so much real time data.

stockmonitor filtering engine


stock monitor
stock monitor

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Quantr plan

Here is my quantr plan, the first stage is to make all three components running. They are:
1. Quantr-server which manage the logic, start/top/pause/logging/monitoring
2. Quantr-sharppoint server, which is a high performance sharppoint gateway
3. Quantr, which is a management console, language compiler

quantr plan

Because i am doing quant development for a big corp, so these three parts are pretty much ready, below are the screenshots.

superalgo gui 1 superalgo gui 2

The next step is to draft the quantr language, i think in hong kong not many people have experimence to design a new computer language, but it doesn’t matter, i believe we are close to doing it. I will hold a dinner for every 2-3 weeks, lets everybody sit down and present their idea for the language. We probably can draft out all syntax in first 1-2 months. If you are interested to join, write you contact here¬†¬†, i will call you to come out and discuss.

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